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Buddy was found dumped by his owners at the the Milnerton market. Confused and with no where to go. Pit Pals was called in by a fellow animal lover asking us to take him in. We networked this boy, hoping he was lost and not dumped, but no one came forward, we were heart broken. We named him Buddy as we just knew he would make the perfect friend for the perfect human, we are just waiting for the day to come when they finally meet each other. All Buddy wants is lots of love and attention. He loves to play with toys and loves to go for walks. Buddy seems to like other dogs, although he would need a proper introduction done. We are not sure of how he will react to cats as he has never known them before. We here at Pit Pals just want to show Buddy that he did nothing wrong, that his previous owners are not like all humans, that us humans do have lots of love and affection to give.

To adopt Buddy, please email adoptions@pitpals.org.za or call Robyn on 076 673 4734

To donate towards Buddy’s kenneling fees please eft:

Pit Pals

First National Bank

Account # 62631950682

Branch code: 254 005

Ref: Pit Pals

Email pop to kerry@pitpals.org.za

Or donate via Zapper:

Pit P-single-20549

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