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Gladiator came to us at pit Pals after he had been chained up outside with no food and no water. He didn’t even have a place of shelter. Pit Pals was called in by a fellow animal welfare asking us to take him in. The owners were only too glad to surrender him as they believed he wasn’t “a real dog”. When we met Gladiator we were amazed by what a gorgeous boy he is. Small breed but as his name suggests, he is a real fighter. He has had a rough start to life but has come out stronger the other side. He is a pleasure to be with and even after his previous “human” let him down he just laps up all the affection he can get. Gladiator seems to like other dogs, although he does not trust the ‘collie” breed so we suggest a home with no “collie” looking dogs. We are not sure of how he will react to cats as he has never known them before. We here at Pit Pals just want to show Gladiator that not all people are mean ad that us as a human race have a lot of love to shower him with.  Please consider adopting this boy and if you cannot adopt him please consider spending time with him, even to foster for a few days so he can relish in the love of humans.

To adopt Gladiator, please email adoptions@pitpals.org.za or call Robyn on 076 673 4734

To donate towards Glad’s kenneling fees please eft:

Pit Pals

First National Bank

Account # 62631950682

Branch code: 254 005

Ref: Pit Pals

Email pop to kerry@pitpals.org.za

Or donate via Zapper:

Pit P-single-20549

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