The Pit Pals Team

In July 2016, three strong women with a passion for animal welfare and pit bull terriers joined forces to create a dedicated Pit Bull welfare. Robyn Bronkhorst, Nadia Vandecasteele and Kerry Radmall, opened Pit Pals without even having one dog in their care; they were later joined by Sharon Reichardt in 2017. Within days, pit bulls came flooding in. With no kennels or land of our own, we made use of private boarding facilities, and so, Pit Pals was born.

Pit Pals Team Members
Our founding members: Kerry, Robyn and Nadia

Pit Pals Team Members


"I have always being a very compassionate person who is interested in welfare & helping those that don’t have a voice. I have extensive experience in fund raising and events and I knew I could put this skill to use. I found in my time as an animal welfare volunteer that Pitbulls really do have a bad rap here in SA, and that they really do need a dedicated welfare to protect them, so it was an easy decision for me to join Nadia, Robyn & Francois to open Pit Pals."


"It took me all of 0.2 seconds to fall hopelessly in love with a little rescue Pit from Eerste Rivier. I was hooked. This girl taught me everything I needed to know about the breed. Proud, dignified but above all, loving. 3 years later I still fall in love with every Pit I meet. They are totally addictive."

Pit Pals Team Members

Pit Pals Team Members


"I come from Europe where the Pittie breed is banned in many of the countries there. I adopted my very first rescue dog just over a year ago, such a loving Pitbull cross, Makala. Through this adoption I discovered the condition of dogs in SA and I wanted to find a way to get involved, especially with Pibulls who have become a breed very close to my heart."


"I was first introduced to Pit Pals through another animal rescue friend when we wanted to adopt another Pit Bull, this sadly didn’t happen for various reasons. I rescued another pit bull who needed some intervention and the relationship with Robyn, Nadia and Kerry was born. I first came on board as a back up to help with admin and it went from there. I was invited to be a director in 2017 and the answer was a resounding yes! I believe in what Pit Pals stands for and we all have a common thread - we will be the voice for them, rehome responsibly and educate."

Pit Pals Team Members

 Our Kennel Team

Our kennel team, without whom we would not be able to do what we do! They ensure that our dogs are walked, fed and cared for daily.

Pit Pals Kennel Team
Right to left: Lucas, John, Frank and Aaron. Front: Sam and Raffee

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